We offer a complete range of professional advocacy services, from long-term representation to short-term special projects.

Public Policy Advocacy

  • Represent a client’s interest before Members of the California Legislature and the Executive Branch
  • Testify before legislative committees
  • Produce documents, letters, white papers and background materials articulating a client’s concern
  • Provide expertise and counsel on the state’s budget process
  • Work toward the passing and signing of sponsored legislation
  • Work to defeat legislation opposed by a client

Message Development

  • Alliance building with professional trade associations
  • Political advocacy
  • Issues research
  • Coalition building
  • Crisis management

Technical Analysis

  • Bill monitoring
  • Legislative reporting
  • Political strategy
  • Interpretation and anticipation of legislative action
  • Precise knowledge of legislative rules and institutional history
  • Regular summaries of recent and anticipated actions

Consulting Services

  • Strategic planning
  • Image enhancement
  • Special projects
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